Thursday, May 11, 2006

It is so secret,it reveals its face only with the dropperand to explore it is if-difficult for me.Sometimes I have the clear impression to include/understand,but suddenly, it is still the mystery.All my efforts often remain without continuation,and even if the sun is shining high and strongthe darkness can invade meto dominate, make ego unconscious to mewho walks in the total black. These is realities that live many people on this ground,is not to know would be it,at would be, the interior of would be;the machine which manages this vastness which is the human being.Indeed we are like individuals who are installed on a horse-gear, and which they do not know its operation.One is although the large wheel turns, but we do not know his engine.It is so secret that one is exceeded by our own imagination, and how much time also by the reason, but its beauty is immenseas the ground which shelters usand it is perhaps this mysterywho involves us to continue, and to even dream some.


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