Monday, June 19, 2006

Today was the perfect day.
The weather was already beautiful when I woke up at 8:30. 65 degrees, sunny blue skies, no clouds. I wore my Reefs to school for the first time since October or November.
I only have one class on Fridays, at 11. I mosied into school around 10, did a few pages of reading, and then sat with the crew in the courtyard, soaking up the sun.
Today just felt relaxed. It was the beginning of our spring break. School is always quiet on Fridays, but even more so today, since most people didn't bother coming to class.
After class, 15 or so of us went to lunch-- Mexican. Fajitas, mango and rasberry margaritas, chips and salsa... everybody felt good... everybody was laughing and smiling... It felt good to know that none of us had anything to do for the rest of the day, or for the next week, for that matter.
We took two hours at lunch, sitting and talking long after we'd paid our bill (the place was emptying out, though, so no worries about screwing a waiter out of more tips). On the way to the parking lot, we passed a local grocery store, and decided to explore. That was a good call: Frodo discovered 24 oz cans of PBR. He almost started jumping up and down with sheer joy when he saw them sitting in the refrigerator case.
I bought a 24-oz of Smirnoff Black, and a 24-oz of something called Camo. I only bought it because it's "beer," supposedly, but 9% alcohol, and only like $1.50. So far, I've been afraid to drink it. I'm afraid it's going to be like motor oil, albeit alcoholic motor oil. I hadn't had Smirnoff Black or Ice in a year. We used to drink it all the time in college. I didn't realize until today-- that stuff is super shitty. Man. Gross. Probably not as gross as the Camo is going to be, but gross nonetheless.
Because she was bored, Florida rearranged our living room. Change is good, and I really like the new set-up. IceQueen came over for a little while, but I left her with Florida to walk over to Dairy Queen for blizzards with Frodo.
Later, at my place, we ordered pizza, drank beer, and watched TV before going over to Blockbuster to get "Lost in Translation" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." I fell asleep while watching the latter.
Today wasn't a busy day, it was just... perfect. Today felt really good. Everybody was in a good mood, and relaxed. There was no tension, no stress. The weather was beautiful, and driving around with the windows down always makes life good.
Now, I'm going to bed. On tomorrow's agenda: sleeping in, making margaritas and daquiris all day, mayhaps doing some school work, mayhaps not.
Life is good.


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